Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sirul to fight extradition to Malaysia

QUEENSLAND: Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar who is wanted back in Malaysia to face the death sentence for the murder of Altantatuya Shaariibuu, has engaged Australian lawyers to fight any attempts at his extradition.

Confirming this to the Malaysian Insider, Sirul's lawyer, Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin also said, "There will be some interesting developments but I can't reveal yet until we get things sorted out."

He also revealed that contrary to popular belief, Sirul was not being detained for violating Australian immigration laws but only detained because Interpol had issued a red alert out on him earlier.

He said his client would continue to be detained pending the Malaysian authorities next course of action.

"However, Sirul cannot be held indefinitely," Kamarul said, adding that Sirul had a valid visa when he was arrested at his family home but that it would most likely have expired by now.

"He has to apply for a protective visa to remain in Australia and fight any court battle there," Sirul's lawyer explained.

Sirul who fled the country before his conviction in the murder of the Mongolian in 2006, was a former police commando. His colleague Azilah Hadri was present during sentencing but Sirul, having already left the country for Australia, was not in court.

Last week, another one of his lawyers, Hasnal Rezua Merican, told a Malay daily that Malaysia was unlikely to be successful if it applied for Sirul's extradition because Australia has abolished the death penalty and would not send a criminal back to his country if the death penalty was carried out there.

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